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Info on 1985 & 2005 Kanas Lake 'expeditions'
posted Thu, Jul 19 2007, 6:19am
Just found an article from the China Daily, 2005, telling about an upcoming research trip to Kanas Lake, & referring to info from an earlier trip when...

"teachers and students from the Xinjiang University Department of Biology launched the first search for the creatures and discovered that dozens of huge red fish, each 10 to 15 meters long and weighing more than four tons, lived in the lake.
Scientists concluded after a two-year-long investigation in 1989 that the fish, a species of Taimen -- a mighty salmon that grows to monstrous proportions -- were the "monsters.""

Read the 2005 article here.

Taimen (or Hucho Taimen) you can read about here.

Interesting that Kanasi is in the Altai, written about so well by Nikolas Roerich in his early 20th century quest for Shambala. He wrote about lots of strange things round that way, not all of them ascribed to religion, either.

Re: Info on 1985 & 2005 Kanas Lake 'expeditions'
posted Thu, Jul 19 2007, 6:33am
Here's some info from (sigh) Travel China on the lake...

"Kanasi, whose name means 'rich and beauty, mysterious and enigmatical' in Mongolian, might be the most alluring resort in northern Xinjiang. The highlight of Kanasi Nature Reserve would probably be Kanasi Lake. Originating from the Kanasi Glacier in Altay Mountain, the Kanasi River runs through the mountains for about 125 kilometers (77.7 miles) and Kanasi Lake is like a pearl shining on the beautiful river. The lake is 1,375 meters (4,511 ft) high above sea level and covers an area of 45.73 sq kilometers (11,300 acres). The color of Kanasi Lake varies according to the seasons and weather."

A true glacial lake. No sea connections (so forget dolphins, pilot whales etc.). Taking these facts into account along with the 'info' gleaned in 1989, it's possible, IMO, that these are large leaping salmon. Big large leaping salmon.

Re: Info on 1985 & 2005 Kanas Lake 'expeditions'
posted Thu, Jul 19 2007, 9:30am
For all you oldies out there, I know this was discussed here a bit back in 04 & 05, but this is the first time it's surfaced since then. I guess the major tourist revamp's gathering pace & the new road almost finished...

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