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Giant Hornets?
posted Sat, Aug 13 2005, 5:02pm
Today me and my aunt had the hugest hornet we've ever seen land under the windsheild wiper on her van as she was driving me and my little brother home.

It was two to two and a half inches long, but it looked exactly like the little inch-long hornets that everyone sees.
Re: Giant Hornets?
posted Sat, Aug 13 2005, 7:03pm
This is Vespa crabro, the giant hornet. These are fairly common in East Tennessee where I'm from. There is a species of hornet in Japan that is even bigger than this. Here's a link for it:

Re: Giant Hornets?
posted Sat, Aug 13 2005, 8:17pm
it's a giant hornet, Vespa crabro. i live a little north of charlotte and we had them nest in the walls of our house for a couple years. hundreds of them. they would swarm the windows at night, attracted to the lights inside. there would be up to thirty on any window. kinda freaks you out. linky has some info on them. it says they only get to 1 1/8", but i've seen them considerably larger, at least 2". we called them japanese hornets growing up. i believe that's where the species originates. hope that helps
Re: Giant Hornets?
posted Sun, Aug 14 2005, 8:32am
Sounds like a Japanese Hornet. But don't know how it would get to the U.S.
Maybe it was a Shaq hornet.
Re: Giant Hornets?
posted Sun, Aug 14 2005, 12:57pm
Uh, Japanese Hornet is stretching it. Imported european hornets are now common here in the USA, and look just like giant yellowjackets/hornets, They can grow to about an inch and a half in body length, and someone who isn't used to seeing bees that big would probably see it as a bit bigger. The first I ever saw I could have sworn was 2 inches, but then I caught it and it was only one and a third.
Re: Giant Hornets?
posted Mon, Aug 15 2005, 3:59am
I once got stung by a European hornet (V. crabro) in my forearm and it was incredibly painful. I was out running alongside the canal near my place and got too close to the nest, which was located in a dead tree stump. The same thing happened to other runners and cyclists who passed by the nest that day, and one older woman had to go to thehospital because she suffered an allergic shock, it was even reported in the newspapers. The whole undearm got very swollen, and for months after that, the place where the hornet actually stung was still itching, sometimes more, sometimes less. They are indeed very big insects and quite scary, but only aggressive when you get too close to their nest and move very quickly at the same time, as they perceive this as a threat. Gondwana
Re: Giant Hornets?
posted Thu, Aug 18 2005, 4:57am
I've seen a couple of giant hornets down here in Maryland. The first was in a high school a little ways from my house. My brother was in a confrence room with somebody (I'd rather not explain the scenario) and when he and the person came out, the person told me she'd rather talk to me outside because a very large bee was in there. Curious, I decided to poke my head in and see it for myself. At first, I saw nothing, but when I looked above the door frame, there was the largest vespid-like insect I have ever seen. It had to be at least 1 3/4" long and it had a shiny red and black striped abdomen. It was very intimidating, but quite beautiful as well.

The second one I saw was in my own house. My brother said there was a "huge bee" in the basement disturbing his workout. After about 30 minutes of us looking for it, my brother gave up and began working out again. About two minutes later, he yells "there it is". When I went down, I saw him spray at something. I went to examine and lo and behold! Giant hornet! I could tell it was a hornet by the shape of its head. This one was about an inch and a half long.
Re: Giant Hornets?
posted Wed, Sep 28 2005, 4:10pm
Here is a pic of Vespa crabro germana. Is this what you saw?
Re: Giant Hornets?
posted Mon, Jul 30 2007, 10:52am
No this is not a picture of the hornet we have. The Thorax (tail) has more defined black lines. No pesticides are working to kill this tenacious critter. Who is to say that Japanese Hornets are not here......everything else from China is being imported, why not the hornets?

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