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Information on"Karkaghne"
posted Mon, Sep 25 2006, 12:58am
Part of the Ozark Trail is named after the "forest creature, Karkaghne."
Is anyone familiar with this? I don't know if this is a crypto creature or not! I can't find any information on the name Karkaghne. Appreciate your help. Dr. W.
Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
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posted Mon, Sep 25 2006, 11:15pm
The stories of the karkaghne date from the late 1700's or the early 1800's and supposedly originated with a half-breed French fur trapper named Francois Karkaghne, who came out the Ozarks with tales of small human-like creatures that, according to the local Indians, were mischievous and often would interfere with hunters and/or trappers by frightening away game, unless propititated. Mr. Karkaghne claimed to have seen several of these creatures himself and reported them as looking like very small men with large heads and short arms and legs. He also claimed that to keep the karkaghne from messing with his traplines he would leave offerings out in the woods for them, primarily of shiny trinkets like cheap jewelry and pewter cups.

As far as I can tell, the karkaghne appear to be analogous to Irish tales of leprechauns and brownies, or possibly to World War I era gremlins, being blamed for various hunting and trapping mishaps and/or unsuccesses.

McCall - who just made that stuff up because he couldn't find any info about these creatures anywhere on the net, either, despite some serious googling (grin)
Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
posted Tue, Sep 26 2006, 5:53am
McCall - no wonder czlgy gets such a bad name. You forgot to mention that they tested for DNA in Seattle in 1875 & the result came back as 'Unknown; possibly hominid'. Sheesh, do your research next time.

Stu (nope, nothing on Ask Jeeves either)
Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
posted Tue, Sep 26 2006, 6:27am
Dear McCall: Dr.W. thanks you for the "old college try!" And as a special treat, when I write my Last Will and Testament, I'm going to leave you all my unpaid bills.
Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
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posted Tue, Sep 26 2006, 10:24pm
Thanks a bunch, Doc! I love old unpaid bills! They make good stuff to start fires in my wood stove with!

Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
posted Thu, Sep 28 2006, 6:35pm
You know Bob you had me so wanting to believe that since you laid it out well(on so thick) LOL! but then again making up crypto is as easy and as much fun as making up Pellucidar stories etc.

goon- wishes he had more time but work is on schedule
Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
posted Tue, Sep 26 2006, 10:19am
Karkhagne Info

Not a whole lot of info, but it's what I found. In fact, it's pretty darned vague as to what exactly a "Karkhagne" is. I'm sure there are all sorts of fun spellings of this word...
Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
posted Tue, Sep 26 2006, 11:35am
Well i have found so far is, "Karkaghne is the indian name of a "mythical" creature similar to big foot."

and this "The Karkaghne Section is named after a mythical beast who is suppose to roam this area of the Ozarks stealing time more or less. If you have ever hiked south out of Suttons Bluff time does seem to extend some and the miles do seem longer so these miles are referred to as Karkaghne miles."

Well that is all i have seemed to come up with might find some more later.
Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
posted Wed, Sep 27 2006, 8:58am
I found out that it steals male babies, hangs them upside down on low branches and plays music on them untill they turn blue. Then they hide the babies in haylofts.
Yes that is a load of bullcrap and I didn't actually find that out. They're right, there's nothing on the search engines.
Re: Information on"Karkaghne"
posted Thu, Sep 28 2006, 1:16pm
They can only be seen through "the bottom of an Old Forester bottle". That's good enough for me!
Mel-who saw all kinds of things thru the bottom of that Wild Irish rose bottle back in the day...

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