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Cougars in Missouri
posted Mon, Nov 23 2009, 9:15pm
We had the same denials in missouri from the police and Department of Wildlife, Fish and Game Etc.
That there are no cougars in Missouri, but happilly we have had four road killed cougars and it is no longer denialable because we have all seen the proof on the evening news.
In Colorado and California there have been joggers killed by cougars and reported in the news.
So be patient you will end up with a road killed cougar and the discusion will be over.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Tue, Nov 24 2009, 10:07am
While I agree that there are now, and have probably always been, cougars in Missouri I believe the official line is still that those cougars that have been either run over or shot in recent years are not native to the state and that there is no breeding population. Nothing moves with less speed than a government entity and that isn't always a bad thing but once any agency points itself in any given direction it changes course with all the ease of a rudderless battleship. While it isn't impossible that some of the cats are young males who have just recently wandered up from Texas if you talk to some of the old timers out in the hinterland they'll say that the big cats have always been there. Curiously I've observed that these same old timers are the same ones who will laugh themseves silly at the notion of bigfoot.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Wed, Nov 25 2009, 12:53pm
By the way I have a theory on mammals and birds of North America:

If it hasn't been road killed, it does not exist!
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Wed, Nov 25 2009, 6:58pm
Considering that everything from bald eagles to grizzly bears have managed to become road kill, added to the number of cars and trucks zipping around the country, your idea might not be too outlandish a way of deciding the issue. I've long thought that if Bigfoot were real all the proof anyone would ever need would have already been found been found embedded in the grill and splattered across the mud flaps of some hurdling interstate 18 wheeled tractor trailer. Granted, Bigfoot finally being found, but having the word "Peterbuilt" stamped in his noggin might take away from the mystery and allure but the BF believers could finally claim a win after an almost unbroken series of misses.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Mon, Feb 1 2010, 9:47pm
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Tue, Nov 24 2009, 1:09pm
I live in Missouri too. The official line that you'll get from the MDC is that there are no breeding pairs in Missouri. However, I have seen and reported a Mountain Lion den south of Wildwood in St. Louis county, and there is a well documented breeding population in Potosi on the Sayersbrook Bison Ranch.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Tue, Nov 24 2009, 1:31pm
Of course there are cougars in Missouri.
Missouri has many forest and once you get to the southern part of Missouri
it changes dramatically.

There are also cougars in the Arkansas Ozarks area.

I would say Southern Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Western Louisiana has a small
population with Texas having the largest population.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Wed, Nov 25 2009, 2:35pm
I've been a first hand witness to the mountain lion presence in MO since approximately the year 2000. The official MO Department of Conservation stance at that time on whether there are Mountain Lions in MO was that there were none and that people, like myself, were mistaking cougar sightings and tracks for those of a large dog. The MODC position has recently changed to yes and no on the issue of a cougar presence in the state. More specifically, yes there are occasional male cougars that wonder into the state but "no" there is not a breeding population. This is despite eye witness sightings of mother cats with kittens. The official stance of MODC is that there will never be a breeding population of mountain lions in the state because the very powerful agri/livestock lobby simply won't stand for it. If you want my opinion as to why state DNRs/DOCs consistently resists the possibility of apex predators in their home state, until they are forced by inescapable evidence to admit it, it is because they dread the politics of the livestock lobbies demanding control of the cougar populations and the ensuing "problem animal" calls they'll receive due to the hysteria of many citizens. The DNR/DOC will also be caught in a political firestorm between those groups demanding they control a large predator which is impacting their livestock profits, which happens to be a challenging animal to track, monitor and eradicate, and those environmental groups wanting to protect a beautiful, once native, animal species that is becoming re-established. It's believed that most of the transient pumas in MO are coming from the Black Hills region of SD. SD apparently has a sizeable breeding population that results in the regular ejectment of subadult males into neighboring states. These male lions end up traveling in search of a range they can call/mark as their own. SD cougars have been positively IDed as far as OK and I think IL (that chicagoland cat). I've heard one of the most reliable methods for determining the size of a states's cougar population is by the annual lion roadkills. Evidently the cats are hit with regularity in locations where the populations are stable. If I remember right (correct me if you know the numbers), I think SD sees around 20 or more big cats hit and killed each year. CA even more. For such an agile and cunning apex predator, you'd think they would avoid the four wheeled animals.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Sat, Apr 3 2010, 3:17pm
yes actually there have been several cougars found in illinois. most in recent years, but near peoria there have been reports going back into the mid 80's of a cat sighted near a cemetary. most of these reports were passed off as some body being drunk or missightings until a dead one turned up in new boston back in 2004 or 2005. most people claim that there arnt a breeding population for one reason or another. one statment on here actually claimed because there was no widerness in illinois, were all farm land, wich simply isnt true. thats like saying there is no wilderness in new jersey. you dont expect it but its there.

the main problem i have with the whole wander male thing is this. they claim they are wandering out of south dakota. wich is probably what alot of them are doing, but illinois is a long ways off from south dakota. are you saying they couldnt find any territory between here and there? and what are the odds that one wandering cougar, is then going to find its way clear over to illinois, then die in the woods, and then be found by a group of hunters.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Wed, Nov 25 2009, 4:37pm
I know several lovely ladies in their 30's & 40's who live in Missouri...
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Wed, Nov 25 2009, 7:58pm
booooo,,,,although wait a minute, you got any numbers? "Sound of a hammer being clicked into position" A joke honey, really I swear, just a joke,,,honest!
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Wed, Nov 25 2009, 10:56pm
Cougars seem to be around in Michigan too.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Thu, Nov 26 2009, 8:39am
Yup, I've been married to one of the finer specimins for coming up on twenty five years now.
Re: Cougars in Missouri
posted Wed, Mar 10 2010, 9:51pm
...okay this is getting ridiculous [it's good keep reading] it seems that I've encountered this one and that mysterious bat humanoid in Missouri when I was a child and had no fear of either of them. The couger was in Hazelwood and it ignored the fact that I was 2 feet from it and trying to pet it then the "batman" I saw was in the sky at the time I was a child so I was just thinking "og my god it's a giant bat! Where's daddy I have to show him the giant bat!" and yes I'm sure of what I saw I have perfect memory when it comes to this stuff

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